State Capture – What Now? A Tshisimani public seminar with Open Secrets investigators


State Capture – What Now?

The two volumes of the Zondo Commission report tell a harrowing story of how public institutions were weakened, captured and dismantled through a web of corruption and fraud that encircled the awarding of state contacts and tenders. It shows how this destruction took place for years, with little accountability from most public oversight bodies. 

In this seminar with Open Secrets investigators – Michael Marchant and Zen Mathe – we ask:

  • What are the conditions that paved the way for state capture? Who were the enablers and beneficiaries? What were/are their interests?
  • What has been the cost of state capture for ordinary people? 
  • What are the specific recommendations of the commission and how can ordinary people organise around these? 

Watch the recording of the event below: