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Marikana : The danger of memorial without memory

The 16th of August 2022 marked ten years since the Marikana Massacre. In 2015 students at universities all over South Africa “commemorated” the deaths of 34 miners and 2 security personnel and 2 police men during a labour dispute strike in Marika

Walter Rodney and Anti-Imperialist Politics Today

The year 2022 marks 50 years since Guyana’s revolutionary, Walter Rodney, published How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. To celebrate the book and the life of Walter Rodney, Tshisimani held a week-long program in partnership with the Walter Rodney Peo

Umthombo Wolwazi Facilitator Camp 2020

Mon 30 Nov – Thu 3 Dec 2020 Umthombo Wolwazi is changing. After three years of study, we now have a cadre (group) with a deep understanding of history, politics and ideas. We have studied The Communist Manifesto and interrogated the re

Transition School

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