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African Solidarity: Film and Food Festival

As current struggles on the continent continue to make headlines – highlighting the plight of millions of people in Africa today – moments to break bread, exchange information and share stories open real opportunities for tangible solidarity. Tshisimani invites you to a celebration of the stories, s…


Our programmes

Imagining Otherwise

Transforming Spaces through Arts Education The #ImaginingOtherwise​ project ran from March 2020 to March 2021. Tshisimani partnered with Bottomup and University of Leeds to run this participatory arts process with young people from the Cape Flats. The project explored young people’s experiences of l…


Selected materials

Youth Arts Toolkit

The Youth Arts Toolkit is a collection of workshops (some online, some in person) that were developed over the year of the Imagining Otherwise project (2020 -2021). This resource is for anyone who wants to use the arts as a means of exploring social justice issues with young people, and includes…

Pocket Queerpedia

About Pocket Queerpedia The Pocket Queerpedia is a resource Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education developed for activists, educators and the queer community generally, to assist in teaching on queerness. Queer education can be one of the most freeing of experiences, yet resources are not always…

Technology and the fight against coronavirus – friend or enemy?

In fighting Covid-19, governments around the world are increasingly relying on technologies like drones, facial recognition cameras and location tracing devices. This raises a big question about the how some of these technologies will shape society beyond this public health…