Migration and Borders – a video education series

Episode 2: Migration and Labour – what early trade unions in Southern Africa teach us about solidarity and internationalism

With various sections of South African society loudly beating the drums of xenophobia and painting migrant workers as competition for jobs, services and livelihoods, we look towards history for lessons about migration, labour organising and solidarity in Southern Africa. Using extensive archival work on some of Southern Africa’s early 20th century labour movements, this discussion will explore the complexity and tensions within workers movements surrounding migrants and xenophobia. Through this we revisit the emancipatory and inclusive view many workers fought for of a unified black working class.

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Episode 1: Tightening Borders and Militarising Immigration – Solution or Threat?

Date: Wednesday 14 April 2021
Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Images of thousands of people waiting in long queues at some of the busiest borders that South Africa shares with neighbouring countries saw renewed calls for tightening of the borders and amplified the voices of those who rally behind campaigns like #PutSouthAfricaFirst. Over the years, the South African government has responded to these calls by adopting a raft of measures that effectively militarise and securitise immigration as well as criminalize migrants. Many migrants have been caught in desperate situations as coronavirus-related requirements made entry into South Africa even more difficult. Does government’s response offer real and lasting solutions to the socio-economic crisis gripping the country?

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