Call for Applications: Understanding the law for social change – a course for activists

This short course is designed to equip activists with basic information and skills regarding the law in order to aid them in their struggles for social change, equality and freedom.

In a Constitutional Democracy such as South Africa, activists confront the law on a near daily basis. From court judgements targeting the homeless in the Cape Town; to the GBV cases unacknowledged or backlogged; to knowing your rights regarding protests, social grants and services – the law is a key player in the activist space.

Yet knowledge of the law is often intimidating, inaccessible and seen to be “reserved” for professionals and the highly educated. Despite this we know there are comrades in movements who have become fluent in aspects of the law and court proceedings through years of first-hand experience. 

What will the programme cover?

In this three-day programme, Tshisimani together with the Black Sash and other partners, aims to introduce comrades to how the law may assist activists in their work. This practical exploration will cover topics such as laws governing protest, policing, evictions, grants and social security, gender-based violence and first-hand skills training on how to take statements, write affidavits and how the court system works.

For a full breakdown of the programme, have a look at the full concept note and course overview here

f you are an active part of a movement or grassroots social justice organisation based in or around Cape Town, please apply by filling out the form below.

All costs are covered but participation will be based on a selection process that ensures a diversity of activists who will take this work forward.

How to apply

Please fill out the Google Form below to apply. Applications close on Wednesday 15 March 2023, and successful applicants will be contacted by 18 March.

Date 23-26 March

Location: Froggy Pond Resort, Simonstown

Queries:; 021 6853516