2022 Self-Organising Groups

Violence, Safety and Community

This workshop focused on the question: Where are we safe and what makes us feel safe? The women focused on their homes, communities and the greater national context to outline what makes them feel safe. Issues like drug violence, domestic abuse and the effects of load shedding and poor street lightning emerged as sources for their discomfort and feelings of insecurity at home. Things like vigilant neighbours, dogs and secure fencing emerged as things which indicate security for the women. The women interrogated case studies of women with different identities, race and class experiences so that they could understand how different degrees and kinds of violences affect different women.  The workshop was facilitated by the women in the education and learning committee supported by Tshisimani.

12 March 2022: Claudine from the Education and Learning Committee, facilitates a session on what makes us feel safe in our communities.