A Rebel’s Guide to Walter Rodney – A Book Launch

This event included a book lauch for Chinedu Chukwudinma’s A Rebel’s Guide to Walter Rodeny. Chinedu is a social activist and writer based in London. Throughout the program we utilised his book to summarise key insights about Rodney’s life. The material was easy to access and concise for our participants. It is a critical resource for anyone wanting to simplify the ideas of Rodney for youth.

The book does the necessary task of contextualising Rodney’s ideas to particular historical moments and places, detailing what is specific and useful about them and how the world might have received them at the time.

Participants read chapters out of the A Rebel’s Guide to Walter Rodney at the popular education Teach-ins held during the program.

Chinedu was put into conversation with Molaodi Wa Sekake, author of Socialism NoMuntu Omusha – Taking The Oath of Revolution and Reflections from the Gutter both marxist reviews of black life in South Africa today. The debate between the two authors was lively as they both held views on Walter Rodney’s expressions of anti-imperialism.

Socialism NoMuntu Omusha is a self-published title reflecting on the relevance of Socialism in an Occupied Azania

Cultural Evening: A Song for Rodney