Lucilla Blankenberg

As CEO of Community Media Trust (CMT) Lucilla Blankenberg is responsible for all creative communication at CMT and implementation of cutting-edge, human-centred behavior change communication campaigns. She is driven by bringing information to communities to improve lives and access to health services. Through her work, CMT employs community mobilisers and trainers who work to inform, educate and inspire people and communities about how they can take an active part in managing and improving their health.  CMT’s aim is to inform and inspire; promoting transparency, accountability and democracy in all areas affecting the quality of life of communities in South Africa.

Lucilla is a task team member for the South African National AIDS Council Communications (SANAC) that review and guide the development of the country’s AIDS prevention arsenal. Her work at CMT has covered a wide range of health communication with a specific focus on HIV prevention, treatment and care, but also include demand creation around vaccine uptake, TB, Gender-based violence and substance abuse.  

Lucilla is the director and producer of most of the media created and produced at CMT. CMTs current work includes The Riviera – a Dramedy set on the Cape Flats in 1898 during the State of Emergency told through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl, as well as many national communications campaigns, radio dramas, communication strategies.  In 2021 Lucilla won awards for her work as director and producer of The Riviera, including the Best TV comedy award and the Best Achievement in Directing award at the 2021 SAFTAs.  Lucilla also won the Best TV Series award at Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) for JAB in 2018 and the Gender in Media Award in 2010 for the documentary A Country for My Daughter.

Lucilla has a passion for training young people – in media and communication as well as on set.  She produced and directed several films about aspects of South African society, including Black People Don’t Swim, Don’t Shoot, Brothers in Arms, Through My Eyes: Blanche La Guma and A Country for My Daughter. She has also created and directed two prime drama series, Amaza and JAB, on South Africa’s largest viewership channel. Both drama series challenged gender norms and told stories of female lead characters struggling and thriving in a male-dominated space.