Henriette Abrahams

Henriette Abrahams’ social justice activism stretches over a three-and-a-half-decade period which started in her youth as

a high school student in her hometown Bonteheuwel.  She served in various leadership roles in student, youth, and women’s organizational structures during the 80’s and early 90’s.  

For almost three decades Henriette has worked in the civil society organisations serving poor and vulnerable communities.  The range of organisations included the UDF Western Cape, Business Skills and Development Centre, ERIP, Community Peace Foundations, Street Law, Sikhula Sonke Farm ‘s Workers Trade Union and the Bonteheuwel Development Forum.

Henriette is an Education, Training, Learning and Development Practitioner who has a passion for action learning, research, and development processes most appropriate and relatable for working class communities and activists.  She is a firm believer of assisting in capacity building interventions which will lead to developing active change agents in our various sites of struggle of our poor and vulnerable both on the local and global front.