Food Economy and Welcome – May 2020

The hard lockdown meant changes for the organizing principles of the Bonteheuwel Development Forum. The economy of food and feeding became central to their mandate and the women gathered over the collective need to run extensive soup kitchens feeding thousands every alternate and second day of the week. In this Henriette Abrahams offered her home as a space for the women to gather and discuss the political challenges faced by the kitchen relating to the food economy of Bonteheuwel. As they navigated trying to manage donations and get the most out of the monetary contributions. Tshisimani with the help of AIDC facilitated a conversation on food systems, food sovereignty and community feeding whilst abiding by all the social distancing protocols and measures. It was also the role of some Tshisimani staff members to assist in the kitchens on this particular day alleviating these activists to meet and engage.  Making time for meeting and reflecting was challenging at the beginning of the hard lockdown.