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BDF & Rojava – August 2020

In the beginning of august we ran two sessions with BDF about Rojava. The first was a 40min documentary which explored the organizational structure of communes in Rojava 

The women were ignited by the ideas of Ocalan and the Kurdish and really took much of the ideas to heart. We followed the session up by drawing in Sid Luckett from KHRAG who managed to get a recorded message from Hawzhin Azeez, a Kurdish feminist who lived in Rojava for three years assisting in setting up the co-operative region. 

Hawzhin’s message is beautiful. Speaks to solidarity across borders and hosts some great suggestions around how women build power (hint: BDF is already well on their way). I think we should share the interaction on social media. Or at least bits of it – it tells the story about how a group of women in Bonteheuwel looked to Rojava to broaden their revolutionary imaginations and build solidarity during covid’s unprecedented time.

The Communes of Rojava: A Model In Societal Self- Direction: